Store your silver jewelry

Here are some examples of storage to keep your jewelry in good condition.

It is the contact between the jewels during handling that scratches and damages them.
It is good to separate the jewelry from each other and to group the necklaces or bracelets in the same place:

A simple solution is to keep the jewel case or box.
You can use a fabric pouch for each piece of jewelry.

There are boxes on the market with sections for rings, earrings and other adornments.
They are practical for quickly choosing the jewel of the moment.

There are also pads on which you can staple earrings and brooches.
You can also hang jewelry other than silver on the wall on hooks or install it

on a jewelry tree.

If you no longer wear a jewel, you will surely choose to put it aside rather than dispose of it, especially
if it evokes for you an event, a feeling, a person.

You will then enjoy finding it one day and making it to a loved one.

The same goes for damaged parts. If they really matter to you, they can be fixed.
We can certainly give you some advice on this subject.
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