On this page you will find the places that sell our jewelry. You can go there to chat with someone who knows them well, or to try some. Call first to ensure the availability of the part you are interested in.

Depending on the availability of jewelry, we can ship the jewelry you want to try on to the store that suits you.


Penelope Jewelery

Anxious to provide its loyal customers with quality service,
Penelope's team is made up of expert jewelry advisors from
fine jewelry and watchmaking that will satisfy all desires in
offering personalized support.

(414) 653-0945

Place Ste-Foy,
2450, boul. Laurel,
Quebec (Quebec)
G1V 2L1

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Quebec arts and crafts shop

The mission of the Quebec crafts shop is to distribute and market the works and products of CMAQ members. All the products offered there have been recognized as crafts according to the norms and standards of the Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec. A tailor-made and personalized service is available for the corporate and institutional markets.

(418) 694-0267

Royal Square,
29 Notre Dame Street,
Quebec (Quebec)
G1K 4E9

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Bookstore-Boutique of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec

Located in the heart of the Quartier des arts de Québec in the Pierre Lassonde pavilion, the MNBAQ Bookstore-Boutique's mission is to be a showcase of Quebec creation with a wide selection of artisanal and local products, in addition to being a bookstore specializing in art books.

(418) 644-103

National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec,
179 Grande Allee West,
Quebec (Quebec)
G1R 2H1

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