Silver jewelry, the current trend

Silver jewelry is becoming more and more popular. This is at least the trend that we notice everywhere in the world of jewelry. They are at the forefront of both contemporary jewelry and classic, chic and luxurious jewelry.

Jewelry has always been a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Silver, which is a precious metal, like gold, is part of this tradition. The ability of silver to marry the luster to oxidation gives jewelry a relief, a depth, which is not found in gold jewelry.

What makes people so attracted to sterling silver jewelry?

Durability and lightness

Without a doubt, silver is an incredibly durable material that is stronger than many other metals. Silver jewelry can last a lifetime if properly cared for. They are durable and resistant. When worn regularly they have a patina that gives them a lot of charm. They have lived, a story!


Silver being less expensive than gold, sterling silver jewelry designers allow themselves research to offer innovative creations adapted to your personality. Whether it's for a unique or mass-produced jewel, you will find pieces which, while adapting to your tastes, will be timeless, elegant and/or whimsical.


The neutral color of silver jewelry becomes an asset. It is associated with ''design'' jewellery. Its color goes with everything and adapts to all situations. Going out jewel, everyday jewel, it finds its place in all circumstances, all occasions. Its versatility also allows it to be crossed with gold for a more elegant and daring look.

A timeless choice

Silver allows you to follow current trends at a lower cost than gold jewelry. Unlike cheap jewelry, they are timeless and timeless. They have been and always will be ''trendy''.

Sterling silver is always in style and never goes out of style.

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