The passion for jewelry

the indescribable elegance of sterling silver

A silver jewel can be just a simple chain, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a pendant: Sober or shiny jewels, which bring grace and enhance any outfit.

These jewels complement any wardrobe well.

Choosing which one to accompany this or that outfit is not done at random.

A bracelet and a ring, one or the other, both, and with which earrings and which necklace?

Question of originality? Surely ! Pleasure too!

If you have to choose...
  • A simple sterling silver pendant
    polished, set in the center with a brilliant, on a "snake" type chain, also in sterling silver.
    As an accompaniment, the identical earrings with, in the center, the same brilliant.
  • This time, the money, on the surface,
    is bluish-grey instead of shiny polished. The small silver balls of this magnificent bracelet with
    oxidized finish will reveal their polish with use.
  • Very feminine, simple and light to wear. These 7 to 7½ millimeter beads are
    chosen for their qualities (orient, luster, surface, color). The clasp, unique to our jewelry,
    is polished sterling silver.
  • Crafted from solid sterling silver, this bracelet encases a wide
    colored line, made of silk fibers embedded in a permanent resin. The rings in this collection
    are made in the same way.
  • A simple pattern of intersecting lines
    on polished sterling silver. Classic for a casual outfit.

The intrinsic grace of each personality is beautifully or delicately enhanced by our silver jewelry. We want a woman to look and feel gorgeous the way she…wishes???.(Be gorgeous…the way you want!???)

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